We have taken some key issues from the documents in the links below! Please review them to ensure your safety and others on the docks and at our facilities. Thank you!

Recreational boating at Ramps:

  • All other inland boat ramps that are currently managed by municipalities remain open subject to the discretion of the city or town.
  • Users should ensure they are ready to depart quickly from the ramp or dock as soon as their boat is put into the water.
  • Users not actively launching their boat should clear the launch area.
  • Upon return to ramp, users should load their boat as quickly as safely possible and then clear the launch area


  • Docks are to be used to facilitate boating access only.
  • On-dock gatherings are prohibited under any circumstances.

The safe operation of recreational boats is permitted under the following guidelines:

  • No more than 10 people may be in a boat at one time and social distancing guidelines must be followed
  • All users while on boat ramps, docks, piers etc., shall follow social distancing.
  • All recreational crafts shall remain a safe distance apart.
  • Tying boats or other crafts together is prohibited.
  • All recreational boating is subject to the discretion of local officials, harbormasters, and law enforcement.
  • All local rules, regulations, laws and Coast Guard requirements still apply.
Boating and Various Other Marine and Inland Waterway Related Activities

Standards for Recreational Boating Businesses

For follow up questions on the above guidelines please reach out to:

MMTA Executive Director Randall Lyons:
randall@boatma.com or call 774-404-8005
MMTA Legal & Government Relations Counsel Jamy B. Madeja, Esq.:
jmadeja@buchananassociates.com or call (617) 227-8410